REVIEW OF November 28, 2006 SBE 18 MEETING







The business meeting was called to order by Mark Humphrey, chapter 18 chair at the control facility and offices of Greater Media Philadelphia in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania.


Mark encouraged people to keep in touch with the website.


Larry Will, broadcast consultant, brought the chapter up to date as to what is happening at the FCC. He focused on:

(A)- The expanded HF privileges for amateur radio operators in the phone segment.

(B)- The TV proposed rulemaking for final digital allocations out for review. Directional signal riules have been changed. A 5 km loss will affect cable carriage. February 2009--analogue signals off the air???

(C)- FM translators for AM radio stations.

(D)- Revisit of multiple ownership.

(E)- FCC voted to make community of license procedures easier.

(F)- Clear Channel and Tribune selloff of stations and Clear Channel going private.


Future program possibilities were also discussed including the invite of Dave Dombrowski to the meeting in January to cover the annual FCC update. A program in February was also discussed, but this has yet to be confirmed.


Mark thanked Steve Gordoni for his sponsoring the meeting and the Pizzas, which were provided by Allegro Pizza of Monument Road.




The presentation was made by Steve Gordoni of Audemat-Aztec. Topics of his presentation included:


*A history of Audemat-Aztec.

*The premises of the company--location, people and


*Technical support operations

*How many employees the company has

*A discussion of the product line, which the company refers to as the product range

*The company's and its product's mission

*What the product can do for you, the engineer along with others at the radio and television station

*Data type definitions

*Monitoring parameters.


For more information, please consult the Audemat-Aztec website.



Meeting notes taken and transcribed by Robert Weiss


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