Chapter 18 of the Society of Broadcast Engineers held their monthly meeting on Thursday, 15 May 2006 at WXPN/World Cafe Live with Jay Goldman hosting. Mark Humphrey, Chapter 18 Chair, called the meeting to order and brought the following items to the attention of the attendees:


The Day/Sequerra meeting will not be held for the time being owing to Day/Sequerra not being ready.


National board candidates announced...14 candidates...6 available positions. Jeff Smith of Nassau is the local candidate.


A strategic planning meeting will be held in Kansas City, Missouri on 8 July.


John Battison received a lifetime achievement award. Details are in the Signal.


Renewal grace period ends 30 June. Dues have been increased.


People should consider nominating Chapter 18 for awards.


A leader skills conference is scheduled. please consult the SBE website for details.


CBNT at the time of the meeting had no location. Larry Paulausky came through and the session will be held at Greater Media--Philadelphia, 1 Bala Plaza.


 Linda Baun and Angel Bates are leaving the National office of SBE. Their loss will be felt.


June certification deadline closed.


Chapter 18 welcomes Ross Kauffman, former engineer of WCVB, Channel 5 in Boston to its ranks. Ross is now a Philadelphia area resident.




The presentation was made by Barry Mishkind, editor of Radio Guide. His presentation was entitled "How to Stay Informed and Up To Date In A Busy Industry."


Today it is harder to tell what you are






Typical situation

    Reduced staff/Increased workload

    Little time to read

    SBE chapters shrinking

    Loss of local chat, mentoring

    Pressure for quick fixes, cut corners

    Pressure not to share with competition

    Always in a rush


Sometime you get called into work in a station and handle some very interesting challenges.


As engineers, we can keep up to date by visiting websites, telephoning manufacturers, consulting users groups, Google searches and visiting sites such as


As engineers, we can EXCHANGE information through e-mails, meetings, mailing lists such as, using the Broadcast Desktop Reference the Radio Guide provides, BC-Broadcast Technical Assistant and visiting the archives portions of websites.


Magazines are always valuable such as radio Guide, Radio World, etc.


Some manuals are on CD for your equipment. There are seminars, schools and road shows during which you can get information.


Survival suggestions

    Safety--RF Safety, RFR knowledge and training,         proper signage.


Personal safety

    Health protection, High Voltage, Protection of 2 and     4 legged animals.


Today it is more critical than ever to share information. There are more stations and fewer engineers. There is a wider range of gear--some tube, some solid state. There is an intense pressure to put fires out. There are young people coming into the business who have no knowledge of some gear--carts and turntables. There is less opportunity to travel, learn at seminars.


How to contribute.

    *Mentor someone.

    *Mailing lists--Steve Davis of Clear Channel is a         proponent of this.

    *Web archives--pictures--manuals--historical files     and books.

    *Local SBE Chapter.

    *Trade publications.

    *State and National Associations.


Topics for articles

    Something you enjoy,

    Tech tips,

    Gear you have installed,

    Deal with installation or maintenance issues,

    Focus on technology,



But I don't know how to write. I am not a writer. Many of the Radio Guide writers are first time writers. Your friendly editor is happy to help. The results of the articles are:

    Helping others,

    SBE credit for recertification.




Meeting notes taken and transcribed by Robert Weiss


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