REVIEW OF August 5, 2005 SBE 18 MEETING


Radio Road Show





The August joint meeting of both SBE Chapter 18 and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)--Philadelphia Section was held at the studios of WYBE, Independence Public Media, 8200 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia PA. Hosts were Steve Kloser (Director of Facilities and Technology) and Nick Fooskas (Engineering Supervisor). We thank our hosts along with Walt Bundy of Villabits Consulting, who shared the meal expenditures (Hoagies from T&F, etc.) along with the Chapter 18 treasury. Again, this was a joint meeting with 18 members and guests in attendance. Mark Humphrey, SBE Chapter 18 Chair, called the meeting to order, stating that members and guests are to check the Chapter website for details on the agenda for the 2005-2006 SBE meeting season and that the Chapter is attempting to do something along with the NAB Radio Show in September.  




The presentation was made by Larry Bloomfield, who brought his "The Road Show--A Taste of NAB" to Philadelphia. He is out for the period 25 April to 25 October crossing the Country putting on the show, for which he has acquired some major sponsorships. The purpose of the show is to educate broadcast engineers in the products that are presented and the various applications they handle. Products came from the following vendors.


  • LARCAN--Larry showed the line of LP transmitters carried by this manufacturer.
  • OMNION--Tony Short, Regional Sales Manager for this company, showed his line of products.
  • AJA
  • LEADER--Bob Sparks presented this line.
  • RIDEL--Digital Communications
  • ESE--A great line of clock and timekeeping devices. If you can show someone standing near an ESE unit in operation, a polo short will be sent to you. You can also tell them "I Heard it at the Road Show."
  • MODULATION SCIENCES--Joe Stack was there to represent this company.


For further information on the Show, please see The Road Show's website and click through to information on the Philadelphia show.



Meeting notes taken and transcribed by Robert Weiss


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