REVIEW OF June 28, 2005 SBE 18 MEETING





The June meeting of Chapter 18 was held at the transmitter plant of 610WIP--Infinity Broadcasting, 775 Creek Road, Bellmawr, NJ with 25 members and guests in attendance. Thanks go out to Ben Hill, chief engineer of WIP for hosting the meeting, Brian Szczewcyk of Harris Corporation for sponsoring the meeting and the accompanying dinner and Mark Humphrey for purchasing, bringing the food and being a great chef for the evening.


The business meeting was convened and the following topics were discussed:


(A) Something is in the plans for the NAB Radio Show to be held this fall in Philadelphia. Keep looking at the website and checking your e-mails for further details.


(B) We are looking for a place to host the "Taste of NAB" Roadshow.


(C) The new certification level--Directional AM Transmission Systems--was discussed. Congrats to John Arndt of Greater Philadelphia Radio Group for passing this level of certification!


(D) Keep looking at your e-mails and this website for more things to come next year (2005-2006).




The presentation was made by Russ Mundschenk, of Ibiquity HD Radio. He discussed  various aspects of HD Radio including the following:

                                 HD Radio AM Hybrid Digital Mode MA1 Carrier Profile

                                 Minimize Spectral Regrowth

                                 Internal v. External Filter Response

                                 Bypass Mode--6 kHz External Bandpass

                                 IBOC AM Transmission System

                                 HD Radio FM Hybrid Mode MP1 Carrier Profile

                                 HD Radio FM Extended Hybrid Mode MP2 Carrier Profile

                                 HD Radio FM Extended Hybrid Mode MP3 Carrier Profile

                                 HD Radio FM Extended Hybrid Mode MP11 Carrier Profile

                                 HD Analog/Digital Power Ratio (2 areas)

                                 FM Flexible Capacity Summary

                                 Importer Connected Directly to Gen II Exciter

                                 Overview--Supplemental Audio Services

                                 Kenwood receiver Split Audio Mode (2 areas)

A second presentation was made that evening. At the invitation of Ben Hill, Harry Bickhardt, long time employee of WIP (since 1954!) gave a talk on his time at WIP and how things were at various times at the Bellmawr plant. It was very fascinating to know how things were throughout the time he has worked at WIP and the stories he had to tell were just a great aural picture. We thank Harry for also making the evening great!




Meeting notes taken and transcribed by Robert Weiss


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