The February meeting of Chapter 18 of the Society of Broadcast Engineers was held on February 22, 2005 with 21 members and guests present. Thanks go out to Logitek, Radio Systems and Studio Technologies for their sponsorship, Jay Goldman and Jared Styles for hosting the meeting at WXPN's new facilities -- and to Michael Cash, General Manager of World Cafe Live, Philly's newest and hottest entertainment venue for catering the meal and providing his staff to get the meal to us.


Bill Gellhaus discussed elements related to the South Jersey Emergency Communications EAS.


    *WPST is no longer the primary EAS station in New Jersey--NJN is.


    *National SECC conferences are to be held in Arlington, New Jersey.


    *Monthly test on the third Thursday of every month--during the day in the even months and during the nighttime in odd months.


    *There are other things in the works for the EAS in New Jersey. For further information, please contact Bill Gellhaus (WMRG Studios, WIMG) or Bob Schroeder (NJ State Police).


As you all know, we mourn the death of Jim Dorrence. We also mourn the death of Jim Malone, formerly of LPB and Belar (not the current Jim Malone of Total RF).


Larry Will, as usual, gave his report on FCC matters. He stated that there may not be anymore VHF television stations in the Philadelphia area after the HD conversion, yet everything is up in the air as to when this will happen.


Jim Perry gave his report on the certification program,. For details, please consult the SBE National website at He stated that the SBE will be offering their new AM directional specialist certification at the April NAB show in Las Vegas, Nevada. There is no study guide yet prepared for this exam, but one question is available in the last SBE Signal.


Walt Bundy, chair of the Philadelphia SMPTE Section, talked about the next SMPTE meeting at NFL Films.




With assistance by Jared Styles, WXPN Broadcast Engineer, Jay Goldman, WXPN Technical Director gave the presentation on the new WXPN facility and World Cafe Live. Jay thanked current The College of New Jersey (and former PrimeStar) Engineer Doug Hall for his assistance on the construction of the XPN facility. Some factoids follow:


    *The building is owned by Dranoff Associates, the locally well known developer of real estate property in the area. It was formerly a plumbing warehouse owned by HaJoCa (which, BTW--stands for Haines, Jones and Cadbury the company's three owners and founders).


    *The building is 65 percent occupied by World Cafe Live, 35 percent by WXPN and 5 percent (or 2500 square feet) is for expansion.


    *The building houses a 350 seat room with a good size stage for the main stage of World Cafe Live.


    *World Cafe Live was the brainchild of Hal Real, a local entertainment mogul and WXPN/Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania--Vinnie Curren (then General Manager of WXPN).


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Meeting notes taken and transcribed by Robert Weiss


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