The business meeting was held at the offices and studios of Radio One in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania with Mark Humphrey and Mike DePolo as the hosts. Snacks were provided by Edward Stein of Sure Power. We thank the hosts and Mr. Stein greatly.


Larry Will stated that the FCC extended the deadline for picking DTV channels. Please see the CDBS--open section for details.


Jim Perry, certification chairperson, had two announcements. The first dealt with the certification examination schedule. For information on examinations, please see the national website at


Jim also mentioned the passing of long time Chapter member Jim Dorrence. Jim, who was nicknamed "Scoop", served as Chapter 18's Radiator editor for several years. He was an engineer for NBC and WILM, Wilmington, Delaware. One of the last things Jim did for the Chapter was to schedule a guided tour of the Academy of Music for the Chapter. He will be sadly missed.





The first presentation was made by Edward Stein, a sales representative of SurePower discussing STATIONARY BATTERIES. His talk covered the technology and design of batteries, application and maintenance/care.


The second presentation was made by John Rahtes of the Federal communications Commission who gave his annual State of the FCC address to the Chapter.

John mentioned that there is a new Regional Counsel in the Philadelphia office. She is Sharon Webber.

A demonstration on Time Difference of Arrival Direction Finding was given. This is a newer technology that is used in the direction finding of various forms of interference problems.

Topics that were covered that dealt with enforcement include RF radiation, main studio location, public inspection files, broadcast of telephone conversations without prior notice and enhanced underwriting notices.

John showed samples of pirate radio station search warrants. These included a pirate radio station broadcasting with a power of 125 watts near a police station in Pennsauken, New Jersey. Other pirates that were shown were one in Philadelphia and one in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A demonstration of how antenna sites can exceed limits for RF exposure was done, with various elements involved.

Direction finding was also shown including a temporary FCC direction finding system on the top of a building, direction finding equipment in an FCC vehicle, a transmitter location system based on Time Difference of Arrival theory.

The FCC can now get a sworn document. With a new Regional Counsel in each field office, a letter and notice of inquiry, cease and desist orders and more can be expedited without the need for contacting the Department of Justice.

Other elements of enforcement are the following:

FAA complained of interference to incoming flights into JFK International Airport over Atlantic City, New Jersey. Interference was created by a CB linear transmitting on 26.325 MHz out of band.

A HF group in Columbia, Maryland complained of interference that was DF'd to a linear amplifier in Northeast Philadelphia in a van. The investigation took two weeks and the culprit's equipment was confiscated.

A group of CBers used a CB to skip a signal to Puerto Rico without the benefit of a cellular telephone.

Nextel, the cellular telephone service provider, complained of interference to their calls and that the calls were being knocked off the air. A leaking television cable was the culprit emitting a signal near 800 MHz.

The FCC is also involved in terrorist threat elements at events such as the inauguration, political conventions and homeland security employing a specialist for the latter area. All agencies have to devise a plan regarding homeland security, with the FCC devising one dealing with spectrum management. The administration is dealing with a six pillar plan. Proportionate to the budget is how the agency performs in dealing with homeland security.

The FCC is saying farewell to Commissioner and Chairperson Michael Powell.

The local office announced the retirements of Serge Loginow and Barry Pehota. The officers and membership of Chapter 18 and the local broadcast, telecommunications and allied industries wish both Serge and Barry the warmest of regards in their retirement years.




Meeting notes taken and transcribed by Robert Weiss


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